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Rudra Abhishekam and Yajna

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Rudra Abhishekam and Yajna - 11000 Japas
Pranav Mantra japa (11,000 Japa), Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Japa (11,000 Japa)
Number of Priests: 4
Duration: 1 day

Product Name : Rudra Abhishekam and Yajna

Product Code : PY180

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For: Peace, prosperity, protection and success

Rudra is Lord Shiva, the Supreme of all Deities. According to Vedic scriptures Rudra Abhishekam is one of the most auspicious and best ways to worship Lord Shiva. During Rudra Abhishekam, Lord Shiva is worshipped in His Lingam form. During the Rudra Abhishekam powerful hymns/mantras dedicated of Lord Shiva are chanted, along with offering of various sacred items. The sacred items used in the Abhishekam process includes flowers, belpatra, milk, coconut water, Gangajal, honey, curd sugarcane juice, sandal paste, aromatic oils, Akshat (rice grains), incense, camphor etc. Lord Ram performed the Rudra Abhisheka before embarking on his journey to Lanka to defeat the demon king Ravana.

• For divine grace and blessings of Lord Shiva

• For healthy mind and spirit and all round positivity

• For good health, harmony, success and fulfillment of desires

• For removal of all Planetary Doshas and for longevity of life

• For energizing Rudraksha beads, a favorite of Lord Shiva

Shiva Gayatri: Om Tat Purushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi Tanno Rudra Prachodayat
Pranav Mantra: Om Namah Shivayey

Puja Services Includes: Kalash Sthapana, Panchang Sthapana(Gauri Ganesh, Punyavachan, Shodash Matrika, Navgraha, Sarvotabhadra), 64 yogini Pujan, Shetrapal Pujan, Swasti Vachan, Sankalpa, Ganesh Pujan and Abhishek, Navgraha Pujan and 108 chants of each planetary mantra, Invocation of major Gods and Goddesses in Kalash, Shiva Invocation Mantra, Rudra Pujan, Rudra Abhishekam, Sadyojata, Vaamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurash, Chants of Ishana mantra, Purusooktam, Shiva Gayatri 1100 chants, Pranav Mantra Japa, Aarti and Pushpanjali.

A short Video of the Sankalpa and mantra chanting would be sent to you along with the photographs of the Puja ritual.

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